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West Bund


Shanghai West Bund refers to Xuhui Waterfront along the Huangpu River, with a shoreline of 11.4 km, and area coverage of 9.4 km². Shanghai West Bund is the most dynamic Bund area in the inner city of Shanghai. West Bund takes the “planning-based, culture-oriented, eco-based and technological-innovation-driven” development principle, and aims to build an international-class new bund urban area that integrates top domestic and foreign culture and art, information media, innovative finance, commerce, and life,  which would be comparable with the Paris Rive Gauche and London South Bank.


The logo embodies the theme of "Shanghai West Bund, Waterfront Melody". The final logo was released after being optimized by French designer Ruedi Baur and Shanghai Hopesun Design.



标志体现了“上海西岸,滨江乐章”的主题。最终标志由法国设计师吕迪·鲍尔和上海Hopesun Design优化后对外发布。

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