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The Golden Peony Art Festival is a bridge for cultural and art exchanges between China and the United States. It aims to promote traditional Chinese art and select the most talented performers of Chinese and Western classical music through competitions. The final awards ceremony was held at the Kaufman Music Center in Manhattan, New York. I combined "G", "P" and peony shapes, designed the logo, and completed a series of designs including posters of the year.


金牡丹国际艺术节是中美文化艺术交流桥梁,旨在弘扬中国传统艺术,通过比赛挑选中西古典音乐最有才华的表演者。 最终的颁奖盛典在纽约曼哈顿考夫曼音乐中心举行。我将“G”、“P”和牡丹造型结合在一起,设计了标志,并完成了当年的海报等系列宣传设计。

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